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For 2023 you can start playing the matches now, but cannot post a score after the due date for each match. The 'drop dead' due date is the Sunday after the actual match date. It is recommended that you post your score the date you played your match. You need to have one other SPGA member in your match play foursome.  Noting that our profession has duty related conflicts, exceptions can be granted by the SPGA President. 

1. Please keep your email current.

2. Play winter or summer rules as posted on the course.

3. Post all scores as TOURNAMENT scores. 


2022 Flight Champions

Flight 1 CLUB CHAMPION - Jeremy Farkas

Flight 2 - Charles McClure

Flight 3 - Randy Jokela

Flight 4 - John Bernasconi

Flight 5 - Hailey Brooks

Most Improved - Patrick Satterwhite

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