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Message from our new President
Fellow golfers!


The 2023 golf season is right around the corner and I'm excited to get things rolling!


If you were unable to attend our annual meeting on the 16th, I was fortunate enough to get elected to fill the shoes of our great Bob Besaw as the new SPGA president. I am excited to establish some strong roots in recruiting more of our current officers and continuing the great traditions of the association. 


My current role in the department as the physical fitness coordinator allows me opportunities to create and promote department wide sporting events and competitions which I believe will also aid in the recruitment process.


My first effort in increasing membership this year will be offering an incentive for new members to join. Annual membership is $50. However, the annual membership fee will be waived for first time members for the 2023 season if registered by April 1st. This is essentially a "no cost" promotion to encourage just enough buzz/motivation to persuade formerly unconvinced potential members to join.


What I could use from you all is to assist in promoting the golf association to our SPD employees to grow our network. I advertise it as a great way to network with others in the department, enjoy cold beverages outside, engage in some fun and friendly competition, and meet new friends and coworkers through golf.


Please find out which of your coworkers have any interest in networking and/or golf and share your experiences with the association with them!


I created the attached flyer and will be promoting it the best I'm able. The QR code will take you to the below google doc page with more info about the SPGA and act as a digital alternative to the paper form (link below). Also, payment can now also be accepted electronically.

Use the 'Become A Member' button to join.


If you have not registered this year yet, feel free to use the link to register. If you have already registered, please fill out the digital form so we can have all application info in the same place.


Thank you all for not just keeping the SPGA alive but assisting in growing it. Good luck this season, see you out there!

Jeremy Farkas

President, SPGA

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